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Kayamo Auto Loans or also known as KAIMO is fast, flexible, and hassle free! We're changing the way loans are made.


Use your car as security to get a loan. Our loans are FLEXIBLE with interest rate calculated daily. You can repay any day with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

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Sangla OR/CR

Do you own a car? Would you like to borrow against your existing car?

Try the Sangla OR/CR.

Luxury Cars from Above

Car Loan

Looking to purchase a new car? Need help financing?

Try the car loan for your next purchase.

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EMC Prado Inc

I'm very happy that KAIMO is already in the Philippines! I can now focus on growing my dealership without worrying where to source inventory capital. Been looking for a partner like KAIMO for ages and super glad they're finally here! 

1 Fortress Inc

I was pleasantly surprised with KAIMO's flexible financing at a very low interest rate! I'm very proud to be a partner and will definitely spread the word to my dealer friends.


Tycoon Powercars

Its super tough to get financing from banks and other companies. Its either a very complicated process or the interest rate is super high. When I applied for the KAIMO Secured Loan, the process was so fast and the requirements were minimal. And what they said was true, the money was remitted to me within 24 hours upon full submission of my documents!