Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

It will depend on the value of the car, but typically 50-70% of its value.

How fast can I get money?

After the approval of your application, we will transfer the money to your bank account within 24 hours. We need to inspect all vehicles before issuing a loan so the turnaround time of the approval will depend on the completeness and readiness of your requirements.

How long can I repay the loan?

Our loan has a tenor of 90 days maximum but you can pre-pay at anytime without any fees and charges.

Are there any additional costs?

None. The only cost that you need to pay is the interest. You can pre-pay any time and only pay the interest accumulated from the time you used the loan. This makes Kaimo so affordable.

What happens if I can’t repay?

Kaimo, being a secured loan, will seek to get paid through a collateral used for your loan.

What is Kaimo and can I trust you?

Kaimo is a product of Kayamo Atlas Lending Corp. with SEC Registration No. CS201914952 and Certificate of Authority No. 3075. Kayamo has been helping customers in the Philippines through our financial services since 2018. We are located at 1804 Suite, 88 Corporate Center Sedeño St. Salcedo Village, Makati City 1225 Metro Manila, Philippines.

I need Php 1,000,000 loan, how should I proceed?

Your loan will depend on the value of your car. You may need more than one car to reach the Php 1M loan. Our appraiser will assess the total value of your collateral individually and provide an exact amount to lent out.

What happens if I need to sell the car that I used as collateral for the loan?

If you need to sell the vehicle, please inform us and pay the loan in full. Once the loan has been repaid, we will release all documents and items that are on-hold. Should you wish to keep the loan, you can switch the collateral to another car but it should be the same or higher value.

I don’t want to have a GPS tracker installed to monitor my vehicle, can I still get a loan?

Without a GPS attached to the vehicle/s, Kaimo cannot offer a loan. The purpose of the GPS tracking data is to keep track and secure the vehicle/s used as collateral. Through the GPS tracker and our credit evaluation, we will be able to provide the loan.